Hello, I am Techflash! You might have seen me pop up from time to time.

I am the one that started the Wii Linux project
My Links
- Wii Linux's website
- My Discord Server
- Send me an Email
My Projects
* autosetup  Script to automatically set up my settings.  Published here for easy access for me. [0 stars]
* batInfo  Battery info script [0 stars]
* dotfiles  My dotfiles [0 stars]
* Ease-of-use-CMD-launch-script  A script to provide an easy experience for an easy way to start common things when you launch a Windows Command Prompt. [0 stars]
* ipinfo  A simple go command line app that gives IP Address information [0 stars]
* LinuxRecoveryMode   [0 stars]
* Minimodem_Wrapper  A wrapper for the `minimodem` program that implements a few new features. [0 stars]
* mtocptwm  Mineman & Techflash’s Overly Complicated Program that can Transfer Windows across Machines [0 stars]
* neofetCh   [0 stars]
*  My personal website hosted at [0 stars]
* seshcordBackend   [0 stars]
* taskWarriorSyncServer  An app that could act as a server, client, or gateway for pushing TaskWarrior task updates to many devices, acting as one such device, or sending the updates to be pushed. [0 stars]
* Techflash-OS  My custom operating system! [4 stars]
* Testing  Random repo for testing stuff [0 stars]
* tf-ramload   [0 stars]
* TFBoot   [0 stars]
* VGA-Media  Techflash VGA Media (TVM) - File Format Specification and Utilities. [1 stars]
* wintop  A (very faithful) recreation of the popular GNU/Linux program: htop! [2 stars]
* x86_64-elf-gcc-Cross-Compiler-Builder   [0 stars]